My Story

My name is Aden  and I would like to share my story about all the health issues that lead to my heart attack at the age of 48. When I had my heart attack, I thought I was in good health. High intensive gym workouts and eating pretty healthy was ingrained in my DNA after 34 years of doing it.


I was in denial, even when the paramedic had me hooked up to the EKG machine.I remember saying to the paramedic that I was feeling better and just wanted to return in my house. It all hit me when the paramedic replied, “If we don’t take you to emergency right now, you could die from your heart condition”. I thought to myself…I’am to young to die…I need to have more exciting and wondrous experiences. I agreed to have them take me to the closest hospital.


In the emergency room, I was treated by three nurses and was quickly rushed to the operation room. The cardiologist inserted a stent in my right artery where there was complete 100%  blockage. The blockage of my other  two arteries were about 50% blocked also. The cardiologist told me that I was diagnosed with having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type two diabetes. The cardiologist prescribed 10 different medications for my symptoms and after spending the night at the hospital, I was released to return home with orders to rest for a week.


Several weeks go by and I start having chest pains again and drive myself back to emergency. They check my heart condition and the results show no bad signs of having another heart attack. They prescribe me with pain medication and send me home. Three days go by and the pain is getting worse. I think to myself that when the cardiologist inserted the stent in my right artery he introduced bacteria and I have a infection on my clavicular joint.

The hospital denies that it is an infection and diagnose my symptoms as arthritis and treat me with steroids. The steroid treatment reduces my immune system which makes my infection worse. The result is my collar bone joint is swollen so bad that they need to readmit me into the hospital. After many CAT scans and MRI tests, they diagnose my symptom as an infection in my clavicular joint. My infection at this point is so bad that they need to drain my infection out by cutting into my collar bone joint about two to three inches. I go to surgery to have my infection drained out and while I’am in the recovery room right after surgery, the nurse forgets to put the IV on me. My kidneys fail and now I have a hard time taking a whiz. They also tell me that I cannot be released until my kidneys are functioning properly. I end up hospitalized for another two months.


I’am making this web blog in hopes that no-one has to go through what I did. An infection in your collar bone joint is so insanely painful…. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Looking back on this story, I’am grateful for having a heart attack at a younger age because my recovery was quick and most importantly of all is the gift of experiencing  the healthcare system where I live. I choose to take control of my well being and not leave it to the healthcare systems.


I hope that my research and discovery about diabetes and cardiovascular disease can help others become truly healthy.


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