Five Things I Do To Control My Blood Sugar Without MEDS!!!

The Five Things I Do To Control My Blood Sugar Without MEDS!!!



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The biggest BING moment for me about my blood sugar condition was realizing that it is a dietary disease. My Doctor never informed me about diabetes being a dietary disease. He did mention that it is a chronic disease and it is hereditary. He also said that it is not curable but manageable through medication. How many millions of people have heard this from their doctors? It was mind blowing to stumble across Doctor Jason Fung’s video about type 2 diabetes and how the medical industry was mis-informing the public about my condition of type 2 diabetes. You can watch the video here.



Doctor Jason Fung also defined the diabetes condition. He says that type 2 diabetes is a condition of having to much sugar in the blood stream. After learning about this, I tried to experiment on different types of food and the effects it had on my blood. Here is what I did. I would eat a particular food item and test my blood one hour after consumption to see how high my blood sugar would rise and 2 hours after consumption to see how much my blood sugar would drop.

Avoiding Any Simple Carbohydrates Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Breads                                  Pasta                             White Rice


All types of bread, pasta or noodles, and white rice affected my blood sugar. Also Potatoes made my blood sugar rise considerably. I realized my condition of having to much sugar in my blood so I stayed away from eating any sweets. That was a bit challenging for me. I can understand why taking medications and controlling my blood would be so much easier because I could eat whatever I felt like eating. I know if I took diabetes medication, I was only hurting my body’s ability to control my diabetes naturally.

Eating More Vegetables Helps Control Blood Sugar


Eating a diet of 80 percent vegetables is a guide that I use because my experiment of testing my blood sugar levels with vegetables was really good with the exception of watching the types of vegetables I ate. Vegetables that grow above the ground were better for my blood sugar levels than vegetables that were below ground.

Above Ground Vegetables

Above Ground Vegetable

Below Ground Vegetables

Potatoes                                        Onions Are Below Ground Vegetable                                    Carrots are below ground vegetable



Any type of cardiovascular exercising like walking, jogging,or even working in the yard will help with lowering blood sugar levels. When I sweat doing anything physical, I know I’am using the sugar in my blood for energy to help with my physical activity. I always run after my last meal of the day to insure my blood levels stay in check while I’am asleep.

Drink One Gallon of Water Per Day


Drinking water does not affect my blood sugar at all and keeping hydrated helps me get though the day without feeling drained out of energy. It also helps my knees and ankles feel better when I run.

Avoid Drinking Anything With Sugar

Avoid Drinking Sugary Drinks

 I Stopped drinking anything that contains high amounts of sugar.

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